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SKU: Oriolus-07

 World's first "Nutube" inside portable headphone amplifier -- Oriolus NT-1


 Along with the BA10(OAK), Oriolus shows another type of vacuum tube amplifier to the world which named "Nutube" (a VFD type vacuum tube) from world's KORG.


 KORG Inc. is one of the most famous company that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners in the world. And  they show us the next generation VFD type vacuum tube for the world of sound.


  NT-1 has 12-hour life time with a small body, and can be charged easily by USB cable. The "MADE IN JAPAN" Nutube (VFD type vacuum tube) gives us 30,000 hours of continuous life expectancy.


 NT-1 will give the clear, warm, powerful, and unique vacuum tube sound to you.

  • World's first Nutube(from KORG) inside portable headphone amplifier.
  • 30,000 hours of continuous life expectancy for Nutube.
  • Up to 12 hours for playing music.
  • Easy charging with USB port.


※ For avoiding the pop noise, connecting the headphone after power on NT-1 is recommended.