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BA300S JP version

SKU: Oriolus-20

BA300S is a full balanced portable vacuum tube amplifier.

It was developed with the digital audio player(DAP) which has a 4.4mm balanced-standard jack for phoneout.

Double vacuum tubes inside give you a new and different experience for enjoying with your DAP(balanced phoneout use only).

None-Volume-Control structure avoid the gang error and let you control the volume by your DAP.

Special design let the noise almost can not be heard.

Connection Cable Type
  • Dual 6N16B type vacuum tubes inside.
  • None-Volume-Control structure is easy for using with the phoneout.
  • About 7 hours usage time for almost one-day use.
  • 5V micro usb jack for charging.
  • Special PW audio made connection cable only for Oriolus.